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Everyday Masquerade
light of the world
tamakuro wrote in o_o_o_o_bloomys
I leave the house with nothing but a smile.

Everyday is just a cold world.

I go to school dreading the day.

I wish I had stayed home.

This mask I wear everyday

Is still strong.

This mask for everyday masquerade.

No one knows my true feelings

Because they don't try hard enough to see

This little girl lost in her memory.

Poeple now laugh at me

Because I'm not like them.

I have a broken heart

Chrushed in this everyday masquerade.

Now is lunch

My temporary escape.

I can now take off this horrid mask.

I'm just sitting on the ground

Eating my food and being forgotten.

I'm on the sidelines

Of this everyday masquerade.

I'm now going home.

I am walking alone.

People pass me by like I'm not there.

I'm going through this everyday masquerade.

I am now at home

Watching another fight.

My mask has been broken off.

I run to my room

My only escape.

I want to leave all this behind.

I want to take off this mask.

Then I need to leave this everyday masquerade.

I am now in bed.

The mask is off.

I'm thinking about today

And I cry myself to sleep.

I know what will happen

And I have to brace myself

For tomorrow might be worse.

I'm temporarily leaving this everyday masquerade.

For I'm meeting reality

Which is my dreams.


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